What do we dream about?

12 Sep 2023

I was wandering along the seafront earlier today and fantasising about winning the premium bonds.

On my walk I pass such lovely houses with gardens; some are fairly secluded and others reach out to you and beckon you in. 

All of them face directly onto the wide expanse of the English Channel.

I take lots of photos!

I am a lucky person, who with the opportunities given to me possibly by birthright, plus hard work, have a good life materially. By comparison with many, it’s modest. On the other hand by comparison with many, it’s moderately enviable I know that.

So my dreams must be seen within this context.

I would love to win the large prize and buy one of these seafront houses. I’d love a house by the sea, overlooking it and think I’d be content living there. 

A friend of mine said it’s not all it’s cracked up to be especially in the winter where you’ve got nothing between you and the grey sea. There’s no greenery to break it up. But I see France on the horizon and freedom.

I am drifter and a dreamer in many ways. I have a vivid imagination and often need to escape from my MH issues by dreaming about a win on the premium bonds and buying a house of my dreams! 

It’s not likely to happen but I can keep dreaming when I’m on my own, walking and observing.

I doubt if many people who live in the moment and profess to have no MH issues, often dream. 

I find that my reality, however enviable, isn’t enough to keep me going. So I find that taking time out to fantasise and dream, makes me feel better at least for a while.

What do other Moodscopers dream about? And more specifically what do you dream about if you were to come into some money unexpectedly, a lottery win for example?


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