What is freedom?

15 Apr 2021

Freedom is personal. What is freedom for you? What does it look like? Feel like? Sound like? I think by writing out what freedom looks like to ourselves gives us a freedom in and of itself. It gives us the freedom to start working towards our own freedom. Whatever that might look like. 

Here’s what I hope my freedom will look like:

Freedom is not procrastinating because of fear.

Freedom is getting up early.


Freedom is asking questions without worrying if I sound silly.

Freedom is walking around my flat naked without worrying if the neighbours can see.  

Freedom is not needing net curtains because no neighbours live close enough to see in.

Freedom is being able to tread barefoot from kitchen to herb and vegetable garden within a few steps.  

Freedom is having a creative idea and the confidence to follow it through; seeing where it may lead.

Freedom is being able to pant, moan and scream out in pleasure without worrying if the neighbour upstairs can hear.

Freedom is not having neighbours upstairs.

Freedom is going with one’s own rhythms.

Freedom is pouring out one’s heart without weighing words or measuring thoughts, allowing it all to flow out, wheat and chaff together.

Freedom is feeling anything and not being overwhelmed by those feelings. Even when the feeling is anger.

Freedom is sitting with family or acquaintances, no longer sharing their beliefs or religion and not feeling a disappointment, a black sheep or an ungrateful soul.

Freedom is loving intensely and fiercely from the heart and yet not entrapping anyone; including oneself.

Freedom is travel.

Freedom is having money aside.

Freedom is to be as self sufficient from the land and from power companies as much as is possible.

Freedom is giving more to the earth than I take.

Freedom is not needing anyone and yet freedom is also not fearing asking for support or help.

Freedom is still loving people when they disagree with you or even actively dislike you.

Freedom is learning, reading, assimilating.

Freedom is showing unbridled excitement and passion for something without fear of being thought of as giddy, embarrassing or overly dramatic.

Freedom is riding my bicycle.

Freedom is singing and not worrying how I sound. Freedom is dancing without worrying how I look.

Freedom is not berating myself if I get something wrong or mess up.

Freedom is apologising unreservedly and still keeping a sense of self worth.

Freedom is not apologising all day every day.

Freedom is swimming naked in the sea or ocean.

Freedom is loving one’s own body.

Freedom is living intensely in the moment.

Freedom is knowing it’s ok to not always know. Because freedom comes from experience.

Freedom is embracing criticism or direction and not feeling defensive or threatened. Freedom accepts constructive criticism without feeling “Oh I’m hopeless!”

Freedom is looking people in the eye and smiling deeply from the heart even on a bad hair and no makeup day.

Freedom is not fearing signs of ageing.

Freedom is feeling only grateful for my journey thus far.

Freedom is to be non-judgemental.

Freedom is always, always, always speaking truth.

What does your freedom look like?


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