What is your earliest memory?

3 Dec 2021

Most people have memories from the age about three, with some having a memory from the age of 2 years and a few under 18 months.

For me I find it hard to distinguish between a real memory or a memory from a photograph I have viewed many times or a story I have heard a thousand times. I suppose, does it matter how we got the memory?

People recall different events, some happy, some disturbing, sometimes routine like going to school, playing, or eating. Memories can be visual or include one or more of the senses. I can recall the smell of my grandma cooking biscuits and it was such a welcoming smell. I wonder what do our first memories tell us about ourselves or about our childhood?


Some people have a clear first or early memory, or you may be like me and have a few very quick videos in your mind. One of mine is when I am about three and am wearing a cotton dress with a bright red cherry print, and the dress is very tight as I was a cubby child and being the only girl, my mum insisted on putting me in dresses.

I would like to read your first, and early or any memory from your childhood that you remember clearly. It may be visual or involve noise, smells, touch, or taste. Please add the photo album of childhood memories.


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