What is your new normal?

14 May 2020

There was a radio show that had a segment for many years called the new normal.

It was about new customs, new ways of doing things and people would ring up and share a new custom they had observed or ask questions why.

Now I have heard our leaders here talk about the new normal in relation to coronavirus.

The idea is we must get used to a new way of behaving. We no longer shake hands no hugs. We are stopped from socialising in groups, but we are encouraged to stay home.

I think in our own lives that the new normal may having another meaning. I remember when I was first diagnosed with bipolar, I had to come to terms with the fact that I had wild mood swings, but I just wanted to go back to my old life.

When I finally decided to get help after ruining my life in many ways, my new normal meant being quite subdued and stable and taking medication which I had resisted for years.

After a big change in one's life it can be very difficult to come to terms with how things have changed, especially if, like me, you keep wanting to go back to how things were.

Sometimes with grief and loss it means adapting, living your life without a loved one in a physical sense while still including them as part of your thoughts.

I would like you to share what your new normal is or what you have observed in the way changes are happening. You can talk about a new normal before the virus or after.

I am interested in how you have adapted to new circumstances.

So, tell me about the new normal and what it means for you.


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