When Love Is Not enough

30 May 2020

I hoped my love for him would be enough for me to accept he was not going to reduce his drinking. I was now a cliché, a nagging shrew, a sullen woman who could always see fault in her partner. He felt if I loved him enough, I would understand he had no drinking problem.

I told myself every night a fairy tale that my love would save him, as I waited in bed for him to get back from a night of drinking.

Everyone gave me advice to leave him.

People only saw him being loud and rude when drunk but they never saw his soft compassionate side He had a brilliant mind and helped more people than others knew.

I loved him so much, but he doubted me. I never doubted the power of my love.

I was becoming rundown and exhausted. I was not giving up as I knew my love would get us through.

He was different, he would change, if only I loved him enough. For seven years I tried my hardest and managed to alienate my family and friends.

One day I packed my bags when I knew he would never change and I would never stop wanting him to change.

Within 2 years he had died, and his family blamed me.

Even my love was never going to be enough.

Have you ever experienced an example where love is not enough?

Or do you feel love is always enough?


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