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13 Jan 2020

Here's a physical challenge. Fret not, it won't require muscle strength, just mind strength. Moreover, the blog is not ruined if you don't have a go. It's just fun.

You'll need six sticks of equal length.

I use pencils, or pens, or chopsticks, knitting needles – but anything will work, even knives (blunt ones!)

Lay out three of the 'sticks' so that they form a triangle with equal length sides.

Now, I promise you it is possible to use the other three 'sticks' to add three further triangles of equal size. Yes, you will end up with four triangles of equal dimensions to the first triangle. I did not solve this problem, though I was wowed by its solution.

...more on this later.

The message is about four triangles. These represent how Moodscope can become an ever more significant source of strength in your life.

The first triangle I call "Connection". You can strengthen your experience by strengthening your connection in three ways.

Firstly, the frequency of interaction with the 'test'. The more you do it, the more you're connected to the benefits.

Secondly, the depth of commitment to the system – the paid for version gives you more data, and data shared and interpreted can bring you a breakthrough.

Thirdly, your engagement with the blog. You don't have to write one – it's not for everyone – but you can share it and comment. It's easy and it makes it 'yours'.


How did you get on with your six sticks and four triangles?

The only way to solve it is with higher thinking – you have to build up. In other words, you make a tetrahedron with the other three sticks – a pyramid with a triangular base. Clever, isn't it? I wish I was that clever.

Whatever happens next in the world, we are all going to have to create more options with less resources. Six sticks can make four equally-sized triangles. I was SO moved by Leah's blog, and she has inspired the naming of the other three triangles:





Let's deal with 'currency' first. Moodscope will only remain a part of your life if you get something from it – not cash perhaps but a pay-off in other ways. It's got to 'work' for you. I believe 'connection' is a currency. I have an ever-stronger sense of connection with you, my tribe. This keeps me going and builds me up.

Two other 'pay-offs' are the currencies of confidence and competence. Writing the blogs and commenting on others' blogs has boosted my confidence. Learning from your blogs has boosted my competence. Moodscope, for me, is an enriching experience. Thank you.

Collaboration – the next side of the tetrahedron – is a side I'd like to see more of, and it connects with Contribution too. Mental Health issues are everywhere once you know what to look for and what to say. We need to know what to look for and what to say. Guess what my next blogs will be on!

My point is that I want to become an ambassador for Moodscope – to represent 'us'. At a business networking meeting last Friday, I got talking to a Banker who was running a wellness day at Barclays Eagle Lab next Wednesday. I gave him a card with Moodscope's details on and he said, "Oh, do you do presentations?"

Guess what I'm planning to do!

I want to 'get' more from Moodscope by 'giving' more to Moodscope and 'getting' out there. If you're interested in this too – making Moodscope more 'Your Moodscope' – let's have a discussion here and think about how we could get the right tools to do this good work.


A Moodscope member.

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